Single Parenting FAQs

10 Most Asked Questions About Single Parenting
We've put together some questions that can help you as you plan for your and your child's future. This isn't an exhaustive list, but it can get you started in the right direction.

1. How will I support myself and my child?
Can I keep my job or get a job?
Can I stay in school?
Who will take care of my baby when I work or am in school?
Is there financial assistance available for childcare?

2. Where will I live?
Can I still live with my parents?
Can I live with other relatives or friends?
Can I afford an apartment?
Are there other housing resources in my community?

3. How will being a parent affect my time for me?
What are the things that I like to do that I can't do with a baby?
How do I feel about a baby's need to have a regular schedule?
Who will babysit when I want to go out?

4. What resources are available to help me?
Who can help me find out what resources are in my community?

5. Is my baby's father going to be involved?
Is the father of my baby going to help me parent?
Do I want him to be involved?
How will we share parenting responsibilities?

6. What rights does my child's father have?
What are the laws in my state regarding the rights of fathers?
If I make an adoption plan, does he need to be notified and express his wishes?
If I decide to parent, what kind of rights does he have to visit the child?

7. How do I get support from my child's father?
Will my baby's father pay child support?

8. What role will my extended family play?
What kind of role will my extended family play in my child's life, and what kind of relationship do I want to have?
How much will I be able to talk to my extended family both before and after the baby is born to ensure that our expectations are the same?

9. How do I know what is the best decision for me?
The best decision is an informed decision. Do I know all the information about each of my choices?
What will my decision mean for me and my baby now?
How about in two years? Five years? Ten years?

10. Can I still choose adoption later, if I decide that I can't parent after all?
Deciding to parent when your child is first born doesn't stop you from reconsidering adoption later.


This content is republished with permission from Bethany Christian Services.  Bethany Christian Services is the nation's largest adoption agency, and they also care for orphans on five continents. To learn more about Bethany's pro-life ministry, visit or call 1.800.BETHANY.