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All classes are open to both men and women. 
You can sign up for classes three weeks before the session starts.

Parenting Pay$

Childbirth Education

Breast Feeding 101: Mini Class

Money Matters

Doctor Dad

Deliberately Different

Done with Drama

Online Devotionals

Parenting Pay$

Parenting Pay$ is an assistance through education program designed to help you become the best parent you can be.
Expect to grow as a parent and as a person as you work at sharpening your parenting skills.

Parenting Pay$ is a 6-week class designed to help parents identify their parenting style, and learn key principles for emotion coaching children.

Pregnant PCC clients can earn baby incentives for classes completed.



Criar Recompen$a brinda asistencia a través de un programa de educación diseñado para ayudarle a ser los mejores padres posible.
Los asistentes crecerán como padres y como personas mientras trabajan en mejorar sus habilidades de crianza.
Criar Recompen$a  es una clase de 6 semanas diseñada para ayudar a los padres a identificar su estilo de crianza y aprender principios clave para entrenar emocionalmente a sus niños.
Al completar esta clase, las clientes de PCC que se encuentran embarazadas pueden ganar incentivos para sus bebés.

Childbirth Education

Learn sensible, balanced information and skills for natural birth as well as necessary information about caesarean birth and labor medication.


  • Make a personalized birth plan

  • For couples and single mothers

  • Small classes for personalized training

  • Classes are taught by trained childbirth educators and are available four times a year.

  • Classes are open to current PCC clients only

Breast Feeding 101: Mini Class

This one on one class is for expecting moms and will cover breastfeeding advantages, tips to get started, pumping, milk storage and feeding.  You and the teacher will set up a time to work with your schedule.  Class will be at the PCC and after you complete the class you will receive a breastfeeing survival basket.

For more information please contact the PCC at 316-945-9400.


Money Matter$

Money Matter$ is a 6 week class covering information concerning money and finances. Credit and debt, creating a budget, how men and women are different, bargain shopping and consumer advertising are all items that will be explored through this class. Money Matter$ is open to anyone in the community, and clients DO NOT have to be pregnant to attend. Classes are scheduled on an individual basis. Sign up sheets are at the front desk. Incentive is a financial tool kit upon completion of classes.

  • Creating a budget: Class attendees will fill out financial forms for income, expenses, personal budgets, and savings plans. Personal budgets will be created that can be put into practice today!
  • Debt: Class attendees will learn about the history of credit debt and information concerning credit cards and loans. Attendees will fill out personal forms concerning their own personal debt load, and be given tools on how to get out of debt.
  • How men & women differ in relation to money: Class attendees will hear good information concerning how men and women handle money differently, and can personally assess what personality they are.
  • Consumer spending and advertising: Class attendees will gain insight into advertising tricks and how to be a smart consumer when purchasing items. Attendees will gain tools for negotiating and become an aware consumer.
  • Credit Bureaus and Identity theft: Class attendees will be given information concerning credit scores and credit reporting. Information about identity theft and how to stay safe or what to do if this happens to you!


Doctor Dad


Doctor Dad is a 4 week class designed to improve parenting skills in the area of infant and toddler health. Parents learn the basics to promote health, identify and treat illness, and prevent injury. While targeting on infant and toddler health, parents will learn skills to build on as their child grows.



Deliberately Different


Deliberately Different has been created to teach parents the impact they have in the lives of their children.  Because society often feminizes fatherhood, Deliberately Different focuses on identifying and understanding the differences between mothering and fathering. Deliberately Different helps parents discover that neither fathering nor mothering is more important, simply different encouraging dads to engage in the unique impact fathering provides. Deliberately Different stresses to dads they already have what their children need and encourages them to engage with their children for a lifetime. 
Deliberately Different is comprised of 6 sessions class designed to improve a dad’s understanding of the power and authority they have in the lives of their children.  Topics include: Power of Protection, Power of Play, Power of Positive Discipline, Power of a Name, Power of Love & Praise, Power of Relationships and Persevering.


Done with Drama is a 4 week class dedicated to enhancing relationship skills. Class focuses on increasing awareness for healthy relationship tools. Class explores: defining relationships, increasing communication skills, conflict resolution and growing deeper levels of intimacy.  Good for individuals and couples! Come and check it out.

No más Drama es una clase de 4 semanas dedicada a mejorar sus relaciones interpersonales. La clase se enfoca en aumentar su conocimiento sobre herramientas para relaciones saludables. La clase abarca temas como: definición de relaciones, aumentando sus habilidades comunicativas, resolución de conflictos y profundizando los niveles de intimidad. ¡Recomendada para individuos (hombres y mujeres) y parejas! Le invitamos a venir y comprobarlo.


Online Devotionals

Upwords with Max Lucado provides free daily devotionals that can be uploaded to your e-mail and phone etc.  It also provides many other helpful tools for parenting and much more.  Check it out!

Here is another free resource with an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Click here for more info!