Hope Renewed

Every woman's situation is different. Abortion is often a traumatic event because women feel pressured or trapped into an abortion decision. If you are ready to deal with your abortion(s), a trained Hope Renewed counselor can help lead you through the steps of restoration:
- Breaking through denial
- Working through guilt and experiencing God's forgiveness
- Releasing anger and forgiveness toward yourself and/or those involved in the abortion.
- Grieving the loss of your aborted child or children.
Hope Renewed uses the following format for men and women:
  • Confidential group or individual counseling with trained lay or professional counselors.
  • Meeting options include weekend retreat or a weekly meeting.


Post-Abortion Weekend Recovery Workshops
  • Recovery Weekends for women & men are offered on request.
  • Workshops begin Friday evening and conclude on Sunday evening, meeting only during day and evening hours.
  • By Sunday, participants are ready to put closure to their abortion experience and arrive at a place of acceptance, ready to look ahead with hope.
  • This is an intense weekend, but the rewards are great.


 One-on-One Support
  • Available for women and men unable to attend the other options.
  • Scheduled on an individual basis.

Calling Hope Renewed may be the hardest phone call you ever make, but it can change your life.   Call 316.945.9400 and ask for Jennie or email us at: hope@pccwichita.org.